After lots of consideration, the organizers of Anime California have stopped holding future Anime California events and the corporation behind Anime California has been permanently dissolved. Unfortunately venues in the California area have become increasingly expensive for the type of event we organize, and it was determined that hosting future Anime California events would simply not live up to the hype and expectations we have built for our fans. An excellent anime convention requires sigificant assets and finances, and because we were unwilling to compromise on the quality and integrity of the event experience for fans, each year Anime California either barely broke even or lost money.

If any other event appears calling itself Anime California, that event is not affiliated with Anime California or its original organizers or owners or corporation, and uses the name without authorization. Many first year conventions in recent years have had problems, with examples including Universal Fan Con, Epic Icon Comic Con, Dash Con, or Paraguay Comic Con, so we urge caution to anyone looking into attending a new convention.
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SEPTEMBER 01, 2016

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AUGUST 26, 2016

Check out the guest page for our latest guest updates including voice actor Mike McFarland! ...

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JULY 10, 2016

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MAY 26, 2016

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SEPTEMBER 9.2.16 - 9.4.16


Welcome to the greatest anime experience to hit any coast ever. Anime California will bring eSports and Anime fans together to celebrate Japanese culture, music, and animation. Join us to celebrate anime, professional gaming, music, and more. We'll be having Anime California at the Long Beach Convention Center from September 2 - 4, 2016. Come by to meet awesome voice actors, artists, and industry guests. Get free autographs from some awesome guests, many of whom are still to be announced.


Anime California is Cheap!

Registration is cheap if you register early and prices increase as the convention gets nearer. For hotels: with a variety of hotels to choose from, with reasonable rates, you can choose from the: Hyatt Regency, Hilton, Renaissance or Courtyard, but remember, the early bird gets the worm! Autographs are free.

We have awesome guests!

All our guests will be doing an average of at least one panel per day, in addition to autograph sessions.

Show off your cosplays!

We have a big mainstage cosplay contest on Saturday to compete in. If you have a formal outfit, or want to make one, you can join our formal dance on Friday. Other contests are also still being planned as well.

We have super friendly staff.

We train all our staff members to focus on making sure you have fun at our convention. Our staff will help make sure that you make friends and have fun. If you want to help with that, you can also join staff yourself.