After lots of consideration, the organizers of Anime California have stopped holding future Anime California events and the corporation behind Anime California has been permanently dissolved. Unfortunately venues in the California area have become increasingly expensive for the type of event we organize, and it was determined that hosting future Anime California events would simply not live up to the hype and expectations we have built for our fans. An excellent anime convention requires sigificant assets and finances, and because we were unwilling to compromise on the quality and integrity of the event experience for fans, each year Anime California either barely broke even or lost money.

If any other event appears calling itself Anime California, that event is not affiliated with Anime California or its original organizers or owners or corporation, and uses the name without authorization. Many first year conventions in recent years have had problems, with examples including Universal Fan Con, Epic Icon Comic Con, Dash Con, or Paraguay Comic Con, so we urge caution to anyone looking into attending a new convention.


Programing Schedules

Day 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Hall B Day 1-3

Cosplay Contest – Saturday Afternoon
Join us in our Mainstage cosplay costume competition. Be judged on your workmanship skills, or be judged on your performance and presentation. Wow the audience and our judges with your creativity and attention to detail in our cosplay contest Saturday afternoon. Signup in advance at our registration desk, on-site at the convention, on Friday, choosing either a walk-on or a performance. Workmanship will be judged specially at assigned judging times, and all contestants will be required to attend a two hour mandatory dress rehearsal prior to the show.

Epic Concerts
Come see some really cool concerts happening over the course of the weekend. Our mainstage will lightup your hearts with beautiful lights, and great sound — and then our performers will grab hold of you, and pull you through the melodies.

Anime Screenings
Join us in our video rooms for screenings of some of the newest anime, and a few classics. Sit back and enjoy some great shows in our anime theater. Our anime screening video rooms will feature officially licensed anime provided by our sponsors, including the hottest new releases (and some of your old favorites).

Massive Video Game Tournaments
Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, you’ll find something epic at Anime California. We’re currently working on partnerships with some of the largest game tournament sponsors in the country, and more details will come soon.

Lots of Guests
Join us for tons of free autograph opportunities, and a lot of great special guest panels. Get your burning questions answered by our anime voice actors, and get all your swag signed.

Plenty of Panels
Participate in some of the coolest grassroots fan discussions and events at Anime California. We dedicate a huge chunk of space to giving you the opportunity to present your fandom, show off your humor, entertain fellow congoers, and make a lot of friends by presenting your own panel at Anime California. These are in addition to numerous guest Q&A sessions and staff-run panels.

Anime California Formal Dance – Friday Night
Join us for a grand evening at our Formal Dance (Theme TBA), where you will have the chance too make new friends, waltz together, and have fun in this extraordinary social gathering. Dance, Socialize and have fun while wearing your best formal outfit. Dress code requires a minimum of “business casual”: NO: jeans, ripped clothing, shorts, crocs, horseheads, you get the idea. Formal cosplays are encouraged!

Dealers & Artists
This year will be bigger and better! At almost twice the size of our vendors hall last year, there will be plenty of vendors and artists to browse and shop at – some whom you might not have seen before. Fill your arms with anime swag, and go home with tons of stuff.