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Welcome Maridah!

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Please join us in welcoming our first cosplayer guest to Anime California, Maridah!

Maridah is a well known and respected cosplayer in the San Diego community. You may recognize her from her famous Saber cosplay from Fate/Stay Night!

Alongside her status as a cosplayer, Maridah is a Crunchyroll Ambassador.

We’re happy to welcome Maridah to our expanding lineup for Anime California 2014.

Cristina Vee coming in 2014!

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We're really excited to announce our next guest will be the wonderful and awesome voice actress Cristina Vee!

You may know her from YouTube, or in her roles as Nanoha in “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha” and Louise in “The Familiar of Zero,” among others.

Check out the guests page for more!

Todd Haberkorn cometh!

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Our latest guest announcement was sent out yesterday! We get to enjoy Todd Haberkorn at Anime California!

Yes, the voice of Italy, Natsu, Ling Yao, and hundreds of other characters will be doing tons of panels, signing free autographs, and more at Anime California. Check out the guests page.

Guest suggestions open.

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Do you have an epic guest you really want to meet at Anime California? A voice actor to die for? We're taking suggestions for our ever expanding guest list for 2014.

Click here to send us your suggestion. We'd be happy to hear it!

All kinds of suggestions are welcome! We've got a limited # of invites this year (somewhere around 6 to 10), but we'll also keep suggestions in mind for next year's even bigger event!

Roadshow at ALA

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We met a ton of awesome people at ALA last weekend. Hopefully we'll see many of you again in August.

Join us for Anime California in August in Orange County. We have several more guests to announce in the coming couple of months, so please stay tuned and check our website regularly for updates!

In the meantime, go submit your panels or something! :)

Welcome Kira Buckland and Cherami Leigh!

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We're excited to announce two guests today, Kira Buckland and Cherami Leigh!

About Kira
Kira Buckland began voice acting at the age of sixteen after having been introduced to the online voiceover community. She got her start voice acting in flash animations and games, and started getting noticed in the industry after winning Anime Expo 2007's Voice Actor Idol.

After moving to Southern California from her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, she soon landed her first anime roles as Kanae in "Five Centimeters Per Second", Eri in "AIka R-16" and Nimka in "Moribito", and began voice acting in video games such as Castle Crashers, Luminous Arc 2, and Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires. Her big break came when she landed the role of the final boss Bloody Marie in "Skullgirls". Most recently, she can be heard as Izumo Kamiki in "Blue Exorcist" and Madoka Kyouno in "LaGrange”. Recently, Kira was cast in the hit anime series Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, as Ren Kougyoku!

About Cherami
Cherami Leigh Kuehn is an American actress and voice actress who is affiliated with Funimation Entertainment/OkraTron 5000 and Bang Zoom! Entertainment. She has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime series, as well as video games. She is involved in very notable roles such as, Gaige in Borderlands 2, Asuna from Sword Art Online, Lucy from FairyTail, Elicia Hughes in Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood, Kneesocks from Panty and Stockings, and so much more.

Roadshow at PMX

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We're glad to have met so many of you at PMX this weekend. Remember if you got a contest link, please enter early before the contest expires.

Join us for Anime California in August in Orange County. We have several guests to announce in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned!

Hyatt Regency Orange County

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We are proud to announce our hotel for Anime California 2014, the Hyatt Regency Orange County! We've been very eagerly awaiting to announce our hotel. The Hyatt Regency Orange County is an absolutely gorgeous hotel, with a great background in customer service.

Along with great customer service, we have access to plenty of great features such as:
*653 guest rooms, including 240 suites / parlors, 106 kings, and 307 queens.
*Two heated outdoor pools and whirlpool
*Exclusive shuttle to and from Disneyland
*24-hour computer center
and more!

Main Events
The Grand Ballroom will pay host to our main events area, boasting over 17,000 square feet of room for our concerts, tournaments, and raves. We can't wait to show you what Main Events will look like once it's all set up!

Vendors Room
The Royal Ballroom boasts over 10,000 square feet for our vendors and artists alley. We know this might be smaller than you are used to, however we believe this will allow the vendors to garner more attention. We want to make sure we create a good relationship with vendors so that our attendees can count on quality products.

Summoner's Café
The Summoner's Café will take place in the Garden Rooms. These beautiful rooms have great window views of the Hyatt garden. Over 6,000 square feet total at our disposal, we have plenty of room to make one of the best maid cafés around.

If you are interested in booking a room, click here to book a room.

Summoner's Café

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Hello Darlings!

I am Luluu, the Head Maid of Summoner’s Café~

I can’t express how happy and excited I am that I will be managing the Maid Café for Anime California, along with Ms. Gina and Ms. Midi.

Summoner's Cafe was something new I wanted to introduce to anime convention Maid Café's that you can't experience anywhere else. The cafe will be themed around one of the most widely known games, League of Legends. Everything will be closely related to the game, combined with the cultural aspect of maid cafes. I will be continually working hard and thinking of ideas to provide the most memorable experience. Please let us know your suggestions and opinions so we can improve your visit at the Summoner's Cafe.

Don’t forget to like and share our Facebook page!


Elaine (Luluu) Wu
Head Maid
Summoner’s Café


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