After lots of consideration, the organizers of Anime California have stopped holding future Anime California events and the corporation behind Anime California has been permanently dissolved. Unfortunately venues in the California area have become increasingly expensive for the type of event we organize, and it was determined that hosting future Anime California events would simply not live up to the hype and expectations we have built for our fans. An excellent anime convention requires sigificant assets and finances, and because we were unwilling to compromise on the quality and integrity of the event experience for fans, each year Anime California either barely broke even or lost money.

If any other event appears calling itself Anime California, that event is not affiliated with Anime California or its original organizers or owners or corporation, and uses the name without authorization. Many first year conventions in recent years have had problems, with examples including Universal Fan Con, Epic Icon Comic Con, Dash Con, or Paraguay Comic Con, so we urge caution to anyone looking into attending a new convention.

Anime California

Welcome Maridah!May 3, 14 1am

Please join us in welcoming our first cosplayer guest to Anime California, Maridah. Maridah is a well known and respected cosplayer in the San Diego community. You may recognize her from her famous Saber cosplay from Fate/Stay Night.

Cristina Vee coming in 2014!Apr 2, 14 12pm

We're really excited to announce our next guest will be the wonderful and awesome voice actress Cristina Vee. You may know her from YouTube, or in her roles as Nanoha in “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha” and Louise in “The Familiar of Zero,” among others.

Todd Haberkorn cometh!Feb 6, 14 4pm

Our latest guest announcement was sent out yesterday. We get to enjoy Todd Haberkorn at Anime California. Yes, the voice of Italy, Natsu, Ling Yao, and hundreds of other characters will be doing tons of panels, signing free autographs, and more at Anime California.

Guest suggestions open.Feb 4, 14 1am

Do you have an epic guest you really want to meet at Anime California. A voice actor to die for. We're taking suggestions for our ever expanding guest list for 2014. Click here to send us your suggestion.

Roadshow at ALAJan 15, 14 1am

We met a ton of awesome people at ALA last weekend. Hopefully we'll see many of you again in August. Join us for Anime California in August in Orange County. We have several more guests to announce in the coming couple of months, so please stay tuned and check our website regularly for updates.

Welcome Kira Buckland and Cherami Leigh!Nov 21, 13 3am

We're excited to announce two guests today, Kira Buckland and Cherami Leigh. About Kira Kira Buckland began voice acting at the age of sixteen after having been introduced to the online voiceover community.

Roadshow at PMXNov 9, 13 7pm

We're glad to have met so many of you at PMX this weekend. Remember if you got a contest link, please enter early before the contest expires. Join us for Anime California in August in Orange County.

Hyatt Regency Orange CountyOct 3, 13 1pm

We are proud to announce our hotel for Anime California 2014, the Hyatt Regency Orange County. We've been very eagerly awaiting to announce our hotel. The Hyatt Regency Orange County is an absolutely gorgeous hotel, with a great background in customer service.

WelcomeSep 3, 13 1am

Welcome to the new website.
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