After lots of consideration, the organizers of Anime California have stopped holding future Anime California events and the corporation behind Anime California has been permanently dissolved. Unfortunately venues in the California area have become increasingly expensive for the type of event we organize, and it was determined that hosting future Anime California events would simply not live up to the hype and expectations we have built for our fans. An excellent anime convention requires sigificant assets and finances, and because we were unwilling to compromise on the quality and integrity of the event experience for fans, each year Anime California either barely broke even or lost money.

If any other event appears calling itself Anime California, that event is not affiliated with Anime California or its original organizers or owners or corporation, and uses the name without authorization. Many first year conventions in recent years have had problems, with examples including Universal Fan Con, Epic Icon Comic Con, Dash Con, or Paraguay Comic Con, so we urge caution to anyone looking into attending a new convention.

Programming Updates

Just a friendly reminder- there may be times that the programming schedule may change- this may be due to emergencies, traffic, etc- changes that we cannot control.. We will always do our best to update as quickly as we can. If and when there is a schedule change, you will be able to obtain the information from: The information desk, programming check in, our facebook page, instagram and twitter.

The electronic Marquees that are located all around our event space reflect the most recent schedules.
That being said, there are some changes for day 2:

Anime California, Day 2- Saturday, August 29th
Programming Changes
2:15pm- 3:15pm- Behind the Voices with Vic Mignogna, Main Stage (Platinum Ballroom 6-10)

3:30pm-4:30pm- Autograph Session- Vic Mignogna fan table (Exhibit Hall)

6:45pm-7:45pm- Free! Iwatobi Swim Club with Todd & Vic, LP 2-3 (Orange County Ballroom 3-4)

8:00pm-9:00pm: Video Game Voice Acting, LP 2-3 (Orange County Ballroom 2-3)

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